Affordance, visibility, mapping, feedback and constraints

The course introduced the concept of affordance, visibility, mapping, feedback and constraints and its importance to interaction design. As a part of understanding above parameters, the class made a field visit to Regional Science Center, Guwahati, Assam in order to understand interactive installations, tangibility, material, physical-digital interfaces etc. Students were given assignment to choose any two installations, and identify good/bad parameters (affordance, visibility, mapping, feedback and constraints) specific to chosen installation.

Here is the sneak peak of assignment of students 🙂

Group 1:



Group 2:

Aditya_abhinav_prudhvi_naresh aditya_abhinav_prudhvi_naresh2

Group 3:

adityaparihar_kushagra_poulami adityaparihar_kushagra_poulami_2

Group 4:

Amit_Rama_Sravan_Manish_2 Amit_Rama_Sravan_Manish_1

Group 5:


Group 6:

Dipti_deepika_pooja_sam_needa(2) Dipti_deepika_pooja_sam_needa

Group 7:

Jaspreet_Meenal_Shobhit_Suwardhan(2) Jaspreet_Meenal_Shobhit_Suwardhan

Group 8:

Rohan_Siddhant_Dipendra_Uddipana_2 Rohan_Siddhant_Dipendra_Uddipana_1