Affordance, visibility, mapping, feedback and constraints

The course introduced the concept of affordance, visibility, mapping, feedback and constraints and its importance to interaction design. As a part of understanding above parameters, the class made a field visit to Regional Science Center, Guwahati, Assam in order to understand interactive installations, tangibility, material, physical-digital interfaces etc. Students were given assignment to choose any two installations, and identify good/bad parameters (affordance, visibility, mapping, feedback and constraints) specific to chosen installation.

Here is the sneak peak of assignment of students 🙂

Group 1:



Group 2:

Aditya_abhinav_prudhvi_naresh aditya_abhinav_prudhvi_naresh2

Group 3:

adityaparihar_kushagra_poulami adityaparihar_kushagra_poulami_2

Group 4:

Amit_Rama_Sravan_Manish_2 Amit_Rama_Sravan_Manish_1

Group 5:


Group 6:

Dipti_deepika_pooja_sam_needa(2) Dipti_deepika_pooja_sam_needa

Group 7:

Jaspreet_Meenal_Shobhit_Suwardhan(2) Jaspreet_Meenal_Shobhit_Suwardhan

Group 8:

Rohan_Siddhant_Dipendra_Uddipana_2 Rohan_Siddhant_Dipendra_Uddipana_1


Students of TUI course

Students from 6th semester of DoD has enrolled for this course. Here are the students name.

Students: Ayush Jain, Akash Harlalka, Anit Jaglan, Ankit Kumar, Arun Singh, Avinandan Basu, Gautam Krishna, Bhawna Agarwal, Shruti Sai, Shambhavi Deshpande, Diva Smriti, Doria Raj, Jatin Bajaj, Kushagra Singha, Linu George, Neeraj Talukdar, Neha, Nishant Kandoi, Pankaj Kumar, Poorvi Vijay, Poorika Ashish, Pradeep P, Prakash Chandra, Prince BHarali, Richa Tripathi, Rupam Das, Safinah Ali, Soumya Tiwari, Tuhina Dargan, Utkarsh Dwedi, Utkarsh Mishra, Vikas Goel, Vishesh Kumar, Saikiran

Course Instructor: Keyur Sorathia

Welcome to the course of Tangible User Interface (TUI)

Tangible User Interface (TUI) is a core course for 6th semester undergraduate students of Department of Design (DoD), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. This course has one lecture component and 2 studio component where students are expected to learn theories of TUI and apply them to develop a working TUI prototype. The course mainly covers theories of TUI fundamentals, characteristics, MCRpd model, metaphors, affordances, design process, 3D sketching and introduces to tangible interaction, reality based interfaces, emerging frameworks on TUI and organic user interfaces.

This blog will be continuously updated showcasing exercises, experiments and presentations of our students