Sketching TUIs & Associated Interactions

After constructing a large number of tangibles, each group presented interactions associated with tangibles. They were asked to justify the defined interactions and were discussed with other batch mates. This exercise created a fruitful discussion and also generated new ideas and possible interactions. Here are few presentations

Group 1: Neeraj Ankit Prince Diva

Group 2: Prakash_Ashish_Arun_Poorvi

Group 3: Shruthi_Aayush_Soumya_Pankaj

Group 4: Utkarsh_Neha_Bhawna

Group 5: Akash, Jatin, Linu


Sketching TUIs

Based on a research paper of “Sketch-a-TUI” Low cost prototyping for Tangible Interaction” (Weithoff et al.,), an exercise was given to build tangibles and define new interactions associated with tangibles. The interactions associated with tangibles must be appropriately mapped. Interactions with multiple tangibles were also explored. Here are some fun pictures of this exercise

4 5 7 tangibles