TUI design studio: project theme

The theme for design studio was presented to students. A group consisting of 4 students is formed to work on the proposed design studio theme.

Imagining “Imaging”

Pictures and associated memories are integral and important part of our lives. We see things, capture them and store them in our archives. These archives are lifetime savings of people, places and experiences those include our families, friends, colleagues, adventures and experiences. However, sometimes we miss to capture few precious moments those we regret later. These precious moments can range from first walk of your daughter to your first award as best employee. When we miss them we say, “I wish, I could capture them”

The project on the course of Tangible User Interface aims to build new concepts on tangible interfaces those help capture “precious moments” of our lives. Students are expected to research, design and prototype new concepts of Tangible User Interfaces to satisfy user needs and enhance user experiences. Students can research upon different themes, contexts, contents and users to further narrow their choice of proposed topic.




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